COSI meeting: CEPOL gives thumbs-up to EU Police Cooperation Code

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COSI meeting: CEPOL gives thumbs-up to EU Police Cooperation Code
12 July 2021

CEPOL Head of Operations, Ms Mailis Pukonen attended in Portorož, Slovenia, the first face-to-face meeting of the Standing Committee on Operational Cooperation on Internal Security (COSI) since the outbreak of the pandemic.

The first Informal COSI meeting organised under the Slovenian Presidency οn 7-8 July 2021 addressed the upcoming EU Police Cooperation Code, which will contribute to enhance law enforcement cooperation through permanent police partnerships in the EU in view of making it easier for police to work together across borders.

Taking the floor during the discussion, the CEPOL Head of Operations expressed the agency’s full support to this initiative, underlining that “the unification of the currently fragmented regulations and procedures is key to the effective operation of law enforcement bodies within the EU. This, in turn, will surely translate into speed and efficiency of future actions.”

Another important topic of discussion at the meeting was the fight against crime in a digital age. On this, Ms Pukonen noted that CEPOL, as a modern training provider for European law enforcement representatives, recognises the importance of the use of AI and technical innovation by law enforcement agencies for faster and more effective prevention and detection of crimes. CEPOL’s training offer for the upcoming years includes activities aimed at upskilling law enforcement representatives in the use of these technologies for their daily work, notably, in accordance with fundamental rights.

The CEPOL Knowledge Centre on Law Enforcement Cooperation, Information Exchange and Interoperability (CKC INT) plays a special role in planning and preparing such an offer. Consisting of experts from the Member States and representatives from the Commission and relevant EU JHA entities, the CKC is mandated to design the multiannual EU-level training portfolio and ensure the quality of the activities’ package in this specific domain.

CEPOL has already included relevant activities in its 2022 training portfolio. An example of initiatives planned by the CKC INT is precisely an e-Learning resource on the EU Police Cooperation Code comprising of a Webinar combined with an e-Lesson (*), both to be delivered via CEPOL’s online Learning Platform, LEEd.

Ms Pukonen also reiterated the strong cooperation of CEPOL with its eight partner Agencies in the Justice and Home Affairs family. By way of example, CEPOL works closely with the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA), to ensure that fundamental rights and related issues are integrated as a horizontal topic in all CEPOL training activities.

(*) Webinars are short interactive online seminars to raise awareness on a specific topic, describe new trends or demonstrate how to use a tool. They are accessible anytime in recorded version.
e-Lessons are self-paced, interactive, explorative learning resources addressing newly emerging and current training needs in small chapters.



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