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22 December 2011

Dear Colleagues,

On the 1st of January 2012 Denmark took over the Presidency of the Council of the European Union. The Danish Presidency logo holds a dual symbolism between 1 and 2, reflecting both the six months’ duration of the Presidency and the dynamic nature of EU cooperation.

The intention of the Danish Presidency is to focus the work of the Governing Board on the implementation of current decisions and projects under development.

It will be our overall aim to secure the continuity of current CEPOL activities with the Trio-Presidency of the Governing Board.

The focus of the Governing Board will be on the implementation of the rationalisation process of CEPOL activities initiated during the Hungarian Presidency and continued during the Polish Presidency resulting in the adoption by the Governing Board of two important Decisions on the governance of CEPOL.

During the Danish Presidency the Governing Board will monitor closely the implementation of these decisions resulting in a draft Governing Board Decision on working groups to be adopted by the Governing Board at the meeting in May 2012.

Another important focus will be on the further maturing of the CEPOL Information Management Strategy and the Communication and ICT Strategies currently under development by the Secretariat in cooperation with Member States and to identify the Board Agenda in the context of “Information as a strategic asset to our organisation”.

In developing the European Training Scheme the Commission has entrusted CEPOL with a mapping exercise, on the basis of which the Secretariat will develop a crucial component required for planning – the Training Needs Assessment – in the first quarter of 2012, an important agenda item for the May Governing Board meeting in Copenhagen.

In 2012 the Commission will present its Communication on the European Training Scheme to identify the tools and further the institutional assignments based on an integrated approach to law enforcement training at the European Union level.

Thanks to the efforts of the Presidencies and the Secretariat in implementing the Action Plan and the positive audit reports, no major problems are foreseen in respect of the finalisation of the accounts for 2010.

I take the opportunity also to announce a Presidency seminar on Cybercrime to be jointly organised by the Danish National Police and the Director of Public Prosecutions on 13 – 14 February 2012. Invitations will be distributed via the Council structures such as the Law Enforcement Working Party and Droitpen and within the CEPOL network.

Mogens Hendriksen



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