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08 November 2007

On the 23-25 October 2007, the incoming Chair of the CEPOL Governing Board, Nevenka Tomovic (Slovenia) and two of her team members, visited the CEPOL Secretariat at Bramshill. The aim of the visit was to increase awareness and understanding of the roles and responsibilities on both sides.

'This was a good opportunity to prepare for the CEPOL Presidency in the first half of 2008 and to meet the really enthusiastic and committed staff of the CEPOL Secretariat,' said Mrs Nevenka Tomovic. She added: 'Three years ago I never expected such a challenge to lie ahead for Slovenia or myself but I am really looking forward to it.'

Topics covered during the two day visit included: information concerning the Governing Board and the two Committees Slovenia will chair (Strategy Committee and the Budget and Administration Committee), as well as the responsibilities of the other Committees, current and future issues of the Working Groups, Sub-groups and Project Groups. The staff members of the CEPOL Secretariat met with the Presidency team to discuss the different areas of work, from the Common Curricula to the Agis and Euromed Projects.

Ulf Göransson, Director of CEPOL, said: 'I always appreciate having the incoming Presidencies visit CEPOL Secretariat as early as possible. This is a chance for the incoming Presidency to be informed in more details about all fields of work at the Secretariat and vice versa for the staff of CEPOL Secretariat to learn about the Presidencies' priorities. We want to help and assist the Presidencies in every possible way because we know that these six months are very demanding and a once-in-a-lifetime challenge.'


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